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Datum hinzugefügt: Sonntag 28 Februar, 2016

von Jason Gibbins

I consider myself a good sound designer. However recently I seem to keep making the same sounds. I wanted some inspiration and a different approach.
After hearing the demos I purchased this preset pack.
WOW! it did not disappoint. I am truly inspired to make some tracks with these sounds. Some of these presets are out of the scope of my imagination. I am really enjoying looking at how these sounds were built looking inside the mods and multis and I've already learned a lot.
The sounds are very well polished and professional sounding. I especially like the use of reverb.
A lot of time has been put into this and it shows with the multiparameters. They change the sound in a meaningful way and quite often completely change the sound leading to many more sounds than the number of presets.
I highly recommend this preset pack.
Well done Zentralmassiv, great work. You already have me as a customer of your next preset pack.

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